Echo Theohar

NEWS ⛬ ☻ ⛬ 2020 VR Program Artist in Residence @ Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts ⛬ ☻ ⛬ Patient 'O' published by Random Man Editions avail. Fall 2020 ⛬ ☻ ⛬


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Adjunct Faculty in the School of Art, Media, and Technology @ The New School



Generative text visualization of the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter jet.

Living Document

Generative text reinterpretation of the Patriot Act, Section 2703(c) (2) of title 18.

Roleplay Americana

My grandiose ass mourned our Nike shoes then was evasive.

Feminist Pornographic Collective Consciousness

The constant battle between being a subject and object of desire.

Anonymous in Paris

A collection of search histories sourced from the public library computers at the Centre Pompidou, navigable via facial capture.


GoPro anxiety choreographic performance in collaboration with World Arts and Cultures @ UCLA.

Sniffer v.1

Web packet sniffing made possible by Carnivore.

Beginning Processing

Processing 2 educational web series geared toward young women.

3D Sketchbook

Collection of photogrammetry, VR, and other 3D projects from 2015-2018.